Ultralight aircraft hovercraft voltage regulator rotax 2SI Kawasaki Hirth

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Aftermarket three phase voltage regulator designed for use on Rotax, Kawasaki, Cuyuna, 2SI, Fuji, Suzuki, Yamaha engines and more! Have you been looking for a simple three phaze voltage regualtor for your build and dont want to break the bank? Maybe your older regulator is burned out or improperly working? New thru Rotax this unit runs $112 . It is very well made and built to last. Now heres what you will get,

(1) Factory Rotax 3-phase voltage regualtor as shown below, replaces Rotax part #410-911. Regulator is simple 4-wire style, that connects directly to your lighting coil and produces 12 volt D/C current. It does not require a minimum load and only draws 7.5amps. It is designed for electric start systems and charging batteries.

If you have been looking for a three phase regulator-rectifier for your build the I think you will find this unit to be a great find and buy.

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